home decor courtesy of APAK

Thanks to the internet it’s become so much easier to find emerging artists who do unique and quality work. Among those artists are Ayumi and Aaron Piland, a husband and wife team collectively known as Apak.

The subject matter in Apak’s work is often whimsical and always amazingly adorable! The most appealing thing to me about the works is the use of soft subtle shapes and a soft color palate - making the work a perfect addition to a nursery or child’s room (but they work well in any room).

The price of a standard signed and numbered giclee print is around $30. The print pictured above is $30 and on a 8” x 7” sheet with a 7” x 5” image.

For a more economical option, Apak’s etsy store also offers a number of pretty note cards at $5 and $7 each which are great for framing in standard postcard or photograph frames.

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2 responses to “home decor courtesy of APAK”

  1. Veronica Lee

    Yours has to be the cutest blog I’ve ever visited!

  2. Ann was here...

    Thank you so much for the kind words Veronica! 🙂

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