shinzi katoh

Currently, there seems to be a (very welcomed) revival of cute 50’s Mary Blair style artwork. One of the artists at the forefront of this revival is Shinzi Katoh. Katoh’s work only in part emulates the carefree and playful styles of the 50s & 60s: he also gives his artwork a modern, 21st century edge.

Katoh’s work is highly accessible in the form of a wide range of afforable, yet high quality, household goods. I own a few a his pieces and the quality is absolutely amazing. My favorite amongst his wares is definitely the glasswork. The glass is superthin and light weight, giving them an almost plastic appearance, but they are also suprisingly strong and durable.

Katoh’s range of household goods includes not only glassware (tumblers, soap dispensers, small dishes, etc.), but also plastic lunch/bento boxes (pictured above), aluminum bottles (also pictured above), stationery, fabrics, t-shirts, towels, and tons and tons more!

A large number of retailers and independently run webstores carry Katoh’s goods, so if you do a quick google search of Katoh’s name and the item you are looking for you are likely find a domestic webstore that carries that item.


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