Sanrio Friends Earrings

Oh my, I have really been MIA this month! The good ol’ “irl” has been getting in between me and my blogging (*shakes fists*) and lets just say it involved a great deal of packing and unpacking things. In any case, I’m all settled now and ready to get back to what matters most… bringing you lots and lots of cutesy goodness. Happy new year!

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3 responses to “Sanrio Friends Earrings”

  1. Unknown Mami

    Too cute! Happy New Year!

  2. MrsPhilipswithoneL

    These are adorable, I love Hello Kitty :)
    Happy New Year
    Having Fun Blogging
    mrsp[email protected]

  3. Becca

    So cute! I would buy them if they were dangly!

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