Little Ways To Share Happiness With Those Around You

Ah, sharing happiness with others… even the smallest of actions can have the most profound of impacts.  This week Hershey wants to know how I plan on sharing happiness with others.  Lil’ ol’ me?  Yikes… let me think about it for a bit!

Although we all understand how much we can impact the happiness of others through even seemingly small deeds and actions, it is sometimes alarmingly easy to take for granted or forget just how easy it really is.   So, today I decided to actually think about it.  I’ll also decided to share with you just a few of the little things I plan to do in order to share happiness with those around me.  Feel free to share your plans or any input you might have about the topic in the comments!

One of the ways I plan on sharing happiness with others is through my little day to day interactions- small deeds and acts that show others, whether they be friends, family or complete strangers, that I have concern and respect for them.  Waving to a new neighbor, holding a door for a stranger, offering to run errands for a family member… these small actions don’t require much effort or energy but are certainly noticed and appreciated by those around me.

Which brings me to my next point.  Another way that I plan on sharing happiness with those around me, and what is probably the easiest way of all to share that happiness (and possibly also the easiest of all to forget), is to simply show my appreciations for others.

To show appreciation for all the things, big or “small” that others do for me has always been something I’ve considered important, but its something I admittedly sometimes forget to do.  I can come up with so many excuses why I forget: I’m stressed out, I’m in a hurry, etc. etc. but reciprocating appreciation is so easy that there really is no excuse!  Its also very easy to re-call all the times it seemed others seemed ungrateful for our small actions, but its easy to forget that we also sometimes do the same.   D’oh.  So whenever that stranger holds the door for me, a new neighbors waves hello or a family member does me a favor- I will show appreciation, a reciprocal smile, a thank you.. or maybe a little gift, I’m sure they can surely appreciate that.

By the way, have I ever told you how much I appreciate you?  Yes, you my lovely reader!  Your comments and encouragements, and even just your stopping by have always meant a lot to me, so thank you!

What are your plans for sharing happiness with others?  Whatever the action, no matter how small- making someone all warm and fuzzy inside is probably as nice a treat for others as it is for yourself!

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  1. cat

    Inspiring article….. How do I share happiness? I put little “have a nice day” notes in books I return to libraries. Trust me, finding a note like that in a book you’re reading fills you with happiness.

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