Giveaway : Luminess Air Eye Kit (ends 3/1) + Cosmetic Airbrush Review

Today’s Brixton Street ♥ You feature comes to you courtesy of Luminess Air!

Luminess Air is a foundation airbrush system (kits start at $159) which you may have seen on television ads and infomercials.  The system is designed to give a quick, even, and flawless makeup application, from sheer to full coverage.  Though I had never seen any ads for the system on TV, I had read about this airbrush system through various website and blog reviews and my interested was really piqued by the posts I had been reading.  Anyone who has been using foundation on a daily basis has probably wondered what it would be like to use an airbrush and of course, I was no exception!

Luminess Air recently provided me with their “beauty” airbrush system (retail $229.90) & a set of eye shadows to try out at home- they are also offering a nice giveaway treat for one of our readers (read on for more about that).

The “beauty” system comes with an instructional booklet,  instructional DVD, air compressor, stylus, and AC adapter, a set of foundation in 4 colors (your choice of light, medium, tan and dark kits), blush, bronzer, brightening glow (highlighter), moisturizer/primer, an airbrush cleaning bottle, and a cute silver carrying case for everything.

Love the packaging! :





The system itself is very easy to use but takes a little bit of patience and practice to really get a hang of.  My tendency at first was to stick the stylus too close to my face to hurry the application but this is a huge no-no, you definitely need to hold the stylus at least 6″ from your face at all times during the entire application.   At first, it looks like little (if any) product is being applied, however, once you really take your time with the application and let the layers build up and you will definitely see a difference in complexion.

I actually had a lot of fun fine tuning the application process for myself & I can’t imagine any other makeup lover not enjoying the learning process.   After using the airbrush for some time I found both some pros and cons of the system:


  • The system is overall very easy to use and gives a very natural looking coverage that doesn’t look caked on, even with multiple layers of foundation.  You really do get an “airbrushed” look!  If you only need light coverage, or just want a minimal makeup look, this system would be absolutely ideal (though it is good for even full coverage as well).
  • The system is really great for bronzing since the layers go on so lightly and naturally- you won’t end up with a color that is too heavy.  Lots of great contouring and highlighting potential.
  • Of the skin problems I needed dealt with, the system seemed to work best with correcting uneven skin tone, especially with redness.  Even with a single layer or two I could really see my skin tone evening out.
  • The system did seem to minimize pore size as well.  Basically, rather than “filling in” unevenness in texture, the airbrush seems to create an illusion that uneven skin is more filled in by removing shine and glare, ultimately drawing less attention to large pores, etc.
  • The air compressor isn’t loud.  Of course, it isn’t silent either, but for the price and the size, the sound level is certainly what I would consider reasonable.
  • You don’t need to touch your face to apply the foundation, blush, moisturizer, etc. so overall your face is left feeling much more clean and less irritated (no brushes, etc.).  Your foundation also stays more hygienic as well since the liquid foundation is dispensed through a dropper.


  • I initially thought the application would be quick (like half a minute quick), but I actually needed to be very careful and take my time applying the product so that it goes on evenly and smoothly in thin layers.   With time I will probably get my technique a bit more fine tuned and lower the application time, but for now it takes just about as long to apply using the airbrush as it does my regular liquid foundation.
  • I like full coverage for my foundation (especially without concealer) so it took quite a bit of foundation to get where I wanted.  I think the video references about 3 drops per layer and with multiple layers to apply those drops really seem to add up.  Each bottle of foundation is about .25 fl. oz. and even just using drops at a time, the level of liquid seems to decrease relatively quickly.
  • I found that the foundation alone just didn’t seem to have the staying power of my normal foundation.  The foundation didn’t slide around my face, but if I went to blow my nose or scratched my face the product would transfer over, however, this issue could easily be dealt with through a little ingenuity, using some of my everyday foundation primer and/or a light dusting of translucent powder, etc.

I also had a little bit of trouble selecting the correct color kit for myself- I selected the medium kit but after I received it, I realized that the lightest color (3) was slightly too tan for me.  Kris from Luminess Air was super helpful and helped me select the perfect shade for me (a combination of 1 & 3) and I really wish I would have asked for advice before ordering the medium kit, d’oh!  So, if you’re like me and are even remotely unsure where you fall in the light, medium, darn or tan spectrum, definitely look into the colors carefully or contact Luminess Air for a color match suggestion (again, they are super helpful) before deciding which kit is correct for you.  Finding the correct color match is definitely key when using this system and I’m really thankful that Kris was able to help me determine which shade would work best for me!

Overall, using the Luminess Air airbrush system was very interesting, really quite fun and something that I highly enjoyed experimenting with!  It was also eye opening to see how little foundation I could actually get away with using compared to the huge globs of conventional liquid foundation I was using before.   I love the natural look of the coverage no matter how much product I apply and how nicely the product worked on problem areas, requiring very little makeup in the process… truly awesome!

Many of the systems come with a low cost 30-day trial ($29.95 for the “beauty” system) so you don’t have to worry about purchasing the whole system, not liking it, and then being out the entire cost.   I would say Luminess Air is definitely worth giving a try if you’re anything like me and have been curious about airbrush for ages & have always wanted a fresh, natural look that other foundations haven’t been able to provide.

This month, Luminess Air is generously offering one Brixton Street reader a Luminess Air Eye Kit which consists of 2 eyeliner pens & a mascara.  A huge thank you to Luminess Air for providing a giveaway prize for this month’s event.   Check in every weekday this month for our latest Brixton Street ♥ You feature.




Luminess Air is generously offering one reader a Luminess Air Eye Kit (2 eyeliner pens & a mascara), over a $59 value (when purchased separately)!

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This giveaway will end March 1, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST. Open to readers in the US only. Good luck!

Giveaway winner: Lisa L

FTC disclaimer: I was provided with the products mentioned in this post free of charge. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post & was not obligated to give a positive review of the product. All opinions expressed here are mine.

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