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Schooool’s out for the summer.  Schoool’s out, well, not forever… (though if you’re a kid, you’re probably wishing that were true). Sorry to disappoint!

I wouldn’t worry too much- however short the summer may seem to a youngster, the excitement and fun of the year’s sunniest months are never forgotten.  With summer break right around the corner (or already here), we’ve been thinking about all our mommy and daddy readers and their family plans for the summer!  This month we’ve teamed up with Alamo to bring you a few summer getaway ideas especially geared toward the kiddos.  I figure there might be no better way to do this than to dig deep into the depths of my memory…

#1  National parks.  Nothing allowed me to admire and appreciate the grandiosity of the world more than time spent in the beautiful outdoors.

#2 Big city life.  I grew up in the suburbs so there was nothing quite as exciting as taking a trip to the city (any metropolitan city really).  Ah, the sights, the smells (not all which were good I assure you), the mish mash of this and that, definitely fun central.  Being able to have the opportunity to compare and contrast big city life (even as a kid) was a wonderful opportunity.

3.  Live like a local.   If there is one thing I really wish to get out of travel, it’s being able to experience living from a local standpoint (if even just a tad) rather than solely as a tourist.  Staying with friends or family for a short period of time is usually a good opportunity to do this.  From drives through suburban traffic to creating home cooked meals with local foods, being able to experience some of what its like to live like a local can be a great and memorable experience for children that will offer them a unique memories of places and times.

4. Travel internationally.  Having the opportunity to travel abroad can expose kids to so many new concepts, ideas, etc., etc., etc.  Of course with the times being what they are, international travel isn’t always a viable option- and if it isn’t- why not explore some of the cultural activities or spots that your city, state (or anywhere else that you choose to travel) have to offer?

5. Day trips.  Take a two mile drive out of town (or into town) and have a relaxing time someplace that only seems far from home.  Whether the goal of your mini-vacay is to enjoy the peacefulness of a small town -or- to experience the thrills and excitement of the big city, short day (or weekend) trip are great for some non-stressful, non-fatiguing time away from home.

Wherever you plan to go this summer, we wish you safe and happy travels!  Yayy- SUMMER! 😀

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