Paper Suitcases

Speaking of Winnie the Pooh, check out these sweet paper suitcases from Shinzi Katoh - complete with 50s/60s style artwork!  There are quite a few other options in addition to the Winnie The Pooh design (Donald! Mickey!) but the Pooh Bear version is definitely my top pick because of the bright, super happy color scheme.

I’m personally very fond of paper boxes/suitcases myself; however, I think these would be an especially adorable accessory for kids.  I can just imagine a little tot toting around a tiny suitcase with all their their teeny little travel supplies… awww.


shinzi katoh - disney



shinzi katoh - disney



shinzi katoh - disney

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5 responses to “Paper Suitcases”

  1. Bonny Sallee

    The suitcases are darling! Following you from the Quick Tattletails Sunday Social GFC hop!

  2. Marian

    How much would it be for about 25 black suitcases with elmo on them?

  3. Sonya

    How much are the mini suitcases and how can purchas them?

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