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These past few months we’ve been teaming up a few big names in the automotive related industry in order to bring you (what we hope) are some helpful ideas about planning for your summer travels.  You know, saving a few bucks here and there, giving you tips about the places we love, etc. etc.   Today we are bringing you another installment of summer travel tips, this time about travel safety on the road.  Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family or friends, making sure your drive will be safe is always something to think about.

Here are of the things we think are important to consider:

1. Always carry a spare tire in case of a flat (speaking from experience here!).  Make sure that spare tire is compatible with your vehicle/the other tires on your vehicle to avoid any unnecessary damage to your car.

2. Learn some general car maintenance. Of course, this includes things like being able to change your own tires.. but also extents to things like jump starting a dead battery.

3.  If traveling with another adult, bring along a spare key.  Let me just say that sometimes keys fall out of pockets when someone (*cough* not me *cough*) leans over… and those keys might fall into icy rivers where reaching in a slightly painful.  They also might never be found (though luckily sometimes they are).  You just never know when you’ll need that backup key.

4. Keep an eye on the gas.  Some road trips consist of long stretches where gas stations are few and far between, so make sure you keep an eye on the gas and don’t end up on empty.  Plan ahead!

5. Be prepared for adverse weather conditions.  In the summer this mostly means brutal, blistering heat.  If you’re traveling somewhere hot (and even if you aren’t), make sure your heating and air conditioning is in good shape before heading out on the road.

6.  Keep your cell phone charged in case you need to make an emergency call.  Not just for car troubles, but for medical emergencies as well.  Bring along that car adaptor if you need to!

7.  Consider joining AAA.  If you need help in a pinch, having AAA as an option is always helpful.

8.  Avoid driving at night if you can.  This is especially true when you’re in what pretty much seems like the middle of nowhere.  It can be tempting to get some extra driving in at night for long trips, but ultimately it sometimes just isn’t worth it.

9.  Stay sharp.  No cell phones while driving, no listening to iPods, etc.  Driving can be especially tiring during trips so stay sharp!   If you’re driving over the period of multiple days, take breaks and also make sure to get enough sleep.

10.  Clean up that dead bug splatter, dirt and other nastiness when you stop off at the gas station.  Keeping things so that the road is actually visible is super important.

Speaking of windshield repair, consider some of the advice offered by Safelite AutoGlass, a national auto glass provider that serves nearly 4 million customers per year :

  • Think you can ignore a chip in your windshield? Think again! The windshield provides up to 30% of your vehicles structural integrity, and a chip smaller than 6 inches (or the size of a dollar bill) can easily be repaired by filling it with a special resin.
  • A chip could turn into a crack at any time, often when you are least expecting it. Windshield repair is often a safe and economical alternative to a full windshield replacement.
  • Scheduling a windshield chip repair is easy! Companies like Safelite AutoGlass provide mobile service – wherever your car is – often within 24 hours of your initial call.

A lot of common sense stuff here, but sometimes simple things are easily forgotten with the excitement of SUMMER VACATION (YAY YAYAYAYAYAY!) coming up.  If you want to learn more about windshield safety, you can read more about Safelit AutoGlass via the SocialMoms website.  We hope that your summer travels are disaster free and that you have a great time.  Happy travels!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Safelite blogging program, for a gift card worth $30. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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