Miffy Kokeshi Dolls

During one of my many internet adventures (i.e. I had some free time and went on ebay),  I happened upon some very cute Kohkeshi dolls made by the company Usaburo.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kokeshi dolls, they are traditional Japanese wooden dolls that have a characteristic look… mainly a sort of stump-like body with no limbs.  These dolls are quite iconic and they make wonderful decorative items for the home.  A “typical” doll might look something like this:



A more modern take on the dolls might look something like this (I think these are so cute!) :



When I saw these Kokeshis based on popular cartoon characters I thought they looked wonderful… nice vivid colors and cute shape.

 Mickey and Minnie Mouse:


Miffy (Nijntje) & Snoopy:


More Miffy:


Doraemon & Doraemi:

The dolls can be purchased direct from the Usaburo website, and range from about $20 and up (the dolls above might be in the $35 range) which does not include shipping from Japan.

Totally eying the kimono wearing Miffy dolls!

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