New York City in A Day (and A Half)

With the weather nice I booked a trip from Bethesda, MD (DC Metropolitan Area) to New York City, NY via Vamoose Bus.  I have friends in DC who recommend Vamoose over other bus services so I though I’d give it a try.

I traveled via Vamoose Gold Bus ($60) to NYC and back to MD/DC on the standard Vamoose Bus.  If you desire spaciousness, the Gold Bus is definitely worth the extra $30 each way.  The Gold Bus seats are also super duper comfortable and a reduced number of travelers per bus helps to keep noise levels to a minimum, making the trip super peaceful.

Vamoose Bus drop off near Penn Station, NYC  : a super convenient location!



  • A very friendly, courteous, and helpful staff.
  • Comfortable bus trip made in good time with no problems both to and from NYC.  Made the MD/DC bus trip in 3 hrs, 45 min… not bad at all!  The driver was excellent & very courteous/friendly to all passengers.
  • The other passengers on the bus were generally quiet and courteous.
  • Bathrooms available on both standard and Gold buses.
  • Same day luggage storage during the day time for $5 per piece.  Definitely worth it if you have heavy things you don’t want to haul around during the day.


  • Spotty Wifi (then again, in my experience bus wifi is never works well)

Overall impression:

  • I would definitely recommend Vamoose Bus (especially the Gold Bus which is more spacious and quiet with very comfy seats) & I will certainly travel with them in the future!  Prices for a trip on Vamoose Bus start at $30 each way & there are stops in Arlington (VA), Lorton (VA), Bethesda (MD), and New York City.

DAY 1:

Mini pies at Pie Face NYC  : tempting, but decided to go for one of the larger pies…

The “Smash Box” (pie with mashed potatoes, peas and gravy) from Pie Face NYC.

Central Park

Columbus Circle


Reuben sandwich from Bouchon Bakery in the Times Warner Center (Columbus Circle)


Rillettes aux Deux Saumons from Bouchon Bakery

Van Gogh’s Starry Night at MoMA.

Note: MoMa offers free admission every Friday night from 4-8pm, although the viewing the collection is well worth the regular $25 admission fee (plus you don’t have to deal with the huge crowds).

Times Square

Ferris Wheel in Toys R Us in Times Square

Cheese Fries from Nathan’s Famous

DAY 2 (or as I like to call it “DAY 1.5”)

Penn Station

  Woorijip, Koreatown : pay by weight Korean food.


Egg Custard, Cheese Bread, and a Lemon/Raisin twist on the cheap in Chinatown

Pie Face for the ride home (Philly Cheesesteak, Pumpkin, and Lemon pies)

*Travel between DC-NYC generously provided by Vamoose Bus.


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