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If you’re a regular reader of the site, you know just how much I love the glorious cards and stationery produced by eco-friendly card company Night Owl Paper Goods.

You also might think it’s a little too early for me to be rambling on about holiday cards, but just hear me out- it’s simply never too early when a sale is involved (check out the end of this post for the deets)!  It’s also never too early because when you find the perfect card, no matter what time of year, you just know it.  And guess what?  I think I’ve discovered this year’s perfect card.

My big holiday pick for this year are Night Owl’s super cute personalized holiday cards, in particular, the personalized wooden ornaments like the “Santa Otters” ornament below.



Cartoon sea otters wearing Santa Hats and eating candy canes?  You can’t get cuter than that (except for maybe real sea otters).

But I digress!

The personalized wood ornaments are priced at $6.50 each, possibly a little more steep than one would normal pay for a holiday greeting card, but these are not just cards, they’re keepsakes that can be cherished for years to come.  I know that if I received one of these I’d love hanging it up year after year.  Then pointing it out yearly to everyone stopping in…

Me: “See that ornament? It’s a card… a card made out of WOOD.  You hear that? Wood!  It was given to me by someone who has truly wonderful taste in cards.”

Them: “Yes, yes, I know.  You told me this last year as well… and the year before that!”

Me: “Whatever!”

Also, being printed on wood, the cards are a lot more durable than your average paper card, and also… dat woodgrain!  Mmm mmm good.

There are many cute designs and shapes to choose from in the ornaments collection, but if those don’t suit your fancy, there are tons of other cards to choose from in both traditional and non-traditional styles, from your family portrait printed on a wooden card to classy letterpress to just plain cute paper cards.


From now until October 31st, all items from the Night Owl Paper Goods Personalized Holiday Card Collection are 20% with code SHINE2013.  Orders of $49+ also ship free!



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