The Last-Minute, Semi-Unconventional, Almost Gender Neutral 2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With only a couple day left until Valentine’s Day, undoubtedly, there are still quite a few out there who haven’t yet located the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  Fret not! For 2015 we’ve compiled some of our favorite unique gift ideas from throughout the years, most of which can be purchased on short notice.


Night Owl Paper Goods “Otter Love” Card ($6 USD),

  • A greeting card from Night Owl Paper Goods: because nothing says romance like wood…wooden cards.  You definitely can’t go wrong with these beautiful, sustainably-harvested wood greeting cards.


Chinese Elm Bonsai ($49.99 USD),

  • Bonsai.  More permanent than flowers, less permanent than the weight I gain after eating far too much on-sale, post-Valentine’s Day chocolate.  Many online florists offer next-day delivery, so you can safely spend the rest of your evening choosing between the the Fukien Tea & the Chinese Elm Bonsai.  Pro tip: Go with a pink, flowering version for that extra Valentine’s Day touch.


Blooming Tea, image via

  • Blooming Tea. Another alternative to a bouquet of flowers & arguably even more stunning. Enjoy a romantic tea for two with some beautiful transparent tea kettles & cups.


Giant Microbes Heart Warming™ Mini Microbe Box ($24.95 USD),, image property of

  • Giant Microbes. Heart shaped gift boxes containing plush microbes.  Everything from amoebas to herpes.  While these might not be welcomed by everyone, they are undoubtedly a unique option.  Instead of chocolate, why not give a loved one some sperm this Valentine’s Day?


Marc Jacobs Miniature Perfume Gift Set ($55.99 USD),

  • Fragrance Miniatures.  A little on the “hit or miss” side, take a chance with a fragrance mini (or two, or three). Either the mini will become part of a much loved, ever growing collection, or your stingy-seeming-but-good-intentions gift will be a reminder of your bad decision making for all eternity.


Moschino Toy Eau de Toilette Spray (£80)

  • Moschino Toy Eau de Toilette Spray.  Maximize your efficiency by hitting two Valentine’s Day classics all in one go: teddy bears & perfume. Ours was a gift from UK based


Walking Pet Balloons (price varies)

  • Walking Pet Balloons. A fun alternative to the always classic heart-shaped mylar foil balloon. Life pro-tip: heart shaped walking balloons exist!


Victorinox Carl Elsener SR. Damascus Explorer ($299.99 USD)

  • Victorinox Multi-tool.  For that special someone who appears tough as steel but is more cuddly than a teddy bear, go practical with a beautiful, limited edition multi-tool or pocket knife.  Sure, the practicality is completely cancelled out by the necessity of keeping a limited edition item pristine, but we love these things regardless.


  • Pay it forward.  Do a good deed or make a donation on behalf of a loved one.  I particularly like the micro-financing site for Valentine’s Day: once loans are repaid, the recipient can take the money & re-lend or go out and treat themselves to second, post-post-Valentine’s Day treat.

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