Fera at Claridge’s with Etc Etc

Back in March, Etc Etc (a London based luxury concierge service & lifestyle management company) very generously treated us to a jaw-dropping dinner at the Michelin-starred Fera at Claridge’s. After being whisked away to Central London by a very helpful and accomodating chauffeur (also provided by Etc Etc), we found ourselves hunched over the multitude of dishes included in Fera’s much talked about tasting menu, discussing and critiquing every nuance of flavour and texture.  Full-bellied after a very lovely meal, we were driven back home and continued to rave about our dining experience for the rest of the evening.

The food at Fera was a delight, with many novel combinations of flavour & texture.  As would be expected, the presentation of every dish was immaculate with unique tableware and colourful ingredients (we had to take pictures of everything, of course).  Without a doubt my personal favourite dish was the mackerel, horseradish and seaweed.  Light and airy, yet fully robust in flavour and with a subtle essence of the sea.  Not unlike a leisurely walk on the sand, basking in the rays of the sun & inhaling the gentle sea breeze. Hauntingly delicious.

We want to extend our thanks to Etc Etc CEO Jason Mumford for organzing this wonderful experience on our behalf.  Words cannot express how thankful we are to Jason for his unparalleled attentiveness and care in arranging the perfect night out for us!


Stewed rabbit with lovage

fera at claridge's 1


(This beautiful dish was not listed on the menu)

fera at claridge's 2


 Mackerel, horseradish and seaweed

fera at claridge's 3


 Tunworth, duck, potato

fera at claridge's 4


fera at claridge's 5


  Swede dumplings, Isle of Mull cheese & truffle

fera at claridge's 6


 Organic carrot, cured saddleback, pickled mushrooms and buttermilk

fera at claridge's 7


 Veal sweetbread, goat’s curd, grilled onion, land seaweed, and verjus

fera at claridge's 8


 Seabass in brown butter, mussel, salsify and sea herbs

fera at claridge's 9


 Roe deer, cauliflower, caramelised shallot, chicory and smoked beetroot

fera at claridge's 10


 Chocolate malt, sweet cheese and prune

fera at claridge's 11


 Aerated sheep’s yoghurt, forced rhubarb, oats

fera at claridge's 12


 Liquorice cake, fudge with pine salt, sea buckthorn marshmellow

fera at claridge's 13

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