Review : Contour 01 Sculpting Brush & Contour 14 Blending Brush

Contour Cosmetics Brushes

I recently received a pair of beautiful foundation brushes from the very lovely Contour Cosmetics (@ContourCosmetic). Iincluded in my much anticipated parcel were the Contour 01 Sculpting Brush (£14) & the Contour 14 Blending Brush (£21). I have to honestly say that I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results I’ve been getting from this pair of brushes.  Not only do the brushes apply makeup wonderfully, I’ve found that I’m using much less foundation than usual which is a HUGE bonus!

Contour Cosmetics 01 Sculpting Brush

Contour Cosmetics 01 Sculpting Brush

The Contour 01 Sculpting Brush is quite a bit smaller than flat foundation brush that I’ve been using up until now; however, the smaller size actually works really wonderfully for the purposes of this particular brush.  For both contouring & general purposes, the compact size of brush allows for the application of foundation to precise parts of the face.  While this is particularly useful for contouring, the size & shape of the brush also allow for easily building coverage exactly where needed.

Although I really love how well the brush lays down my foundation, perhaps my favourite benefit this brush is that I’ve been wasting much less foundation than normal! Because the brush is smaller than my previous foundation brush, less foundation builds up on and between the bristles and more foundation ends up on my skin.

I adore this brush for applying my foundation so much that I’ve replaced my previous foundation brush with this one in my daily routine!

Contour Cosmetics 14 Blending Brush

Contour Cosmetics 14 Blending Brush

In combination with the Contour 01 Sculpting Brush, the 14 Blending Brush helps give foundation a beautiful, flawless finish.  The bristles of the 14 Blending Brush distribute foundation so evenly & so effortlessly across the skin, giving skin an amazing airbrushed quality.

I love how quickly the bristles are able to buff foundation into the skin, without streaks or blotches.  There is a slight firmness to the bristles on the 14 Blending Brush which allow them to easily buff out any pores or fine lines.  Because the bristles are so effective at buffing and distributing foundation, using this brush has cut down my foundation application time by probably half.  That adds up to a lot of time saved during rushed mornings!

I absolutely love the combination of the Contour 01 Sculpting Brush & 14 Blending Brush.  My foundation has never looked better via such effortless application.

A big thank you to Contour Cosmetics for the set of brushes, they are truly amazing!

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