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Sharkies Organic Fruit Chews (Fruit Snacks) + Giveaway

Sharkies Organic Fruit Chews (Fruit Snacks) + Giveaway

I realize that it’s been awhile since I’ve featured any snacky goodness here, and quite frankly, this particular review is slightly overdue! Sharkies Organic Fruit Chews recently hooked me up with an absolutely wonderful selection of their organic fruit snack products to try out and there were so many great items to sample that it […]


Rilakkuma @ Japan LA

Rilakkuma France Glass Teacup, $12.95 Rilakkuma Salt & Pepper Shakers, $18 Rilakkuma Cow Plush, $16 Rilakkuma Cupcake Pouch, $13.95 Rilakkuma Cupcake Popout Plush, $21 Rilakkuma 6in Ceramic Dish, $11.95 See more Rilakkuma merchandise from Japan LA here.

Sanrio New Arrivals

Nyokki & Penne Ballpoint Pen: Dot, $7.75 Little Twin Stars Boston Bag: Deer, $58 Hello Kitty Pink Plush Backpack, $24 Hello Kitty 6″ Fruit Plush: Apple, $9.95 Hello Kitty Folding Umbrella: Red White Bow, $27 Hello Kitty Die-Cut Desktop Calculator: Red White Bow, $21 Click here to see more new arrivals at!

Gocco Prints from Apak

Gocco prints are back at Apak’s etsy shop! I have a few of their gocco prints in postcard frames around the house and they a really nice & affordable way to brighten up a room! puppy snow gocco print, $5 for you gocco print (yellow), $5 **all pictures property of apak**

Hello Kitty Mini Fan @

Beat the heat cute style with a Hello Kitty Mini Fan! Available from in pink or white. $10 each.

Hamburger Earmuffs

Hamburger Earmuffs, $8 @ Japan LA Hamburger earmuffs! You know, so you don’t have to grapple with the pickle matrix yourself…

Lucy Roberts : Bespoke Mutant Animals on Etsy

No, you are not seeing double! Two headedness might be an acquired cuteness but if a bunny can be super cute, then perhaps a two headed one can be twice as cute? Okay, maybe a stretch, but if you’re looking for a unique gift item LucyRoberts on Etsy creates some wonderful plushes that mass market […]

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