CSN stores giveaway: under $50 item of your choice YAY ! (ends 2/27)

I recently won a giveaway courtesy of Lindsay Lou! Blogs and was able to pick out an item of my choice from I chose a Henkel Chef’s knife which is something that I’ll be using pretty much daily for years and years to come. Definitely among the most practical things I have ever won! […]


Glee Gum review and giveaway (ends 2/10/10)

I looooove gum… seriously. I chew it at least a few times a week and some weeks, well, practically every day. When you have long classes to attend everyday, the monotony of hours of study, and a commute which seems to drag on and on (and on and on….) gum can become pretty crucial. A […]

Giveaway : Kiss My Face Sheer Organic Shine Lip Gloss in "Opal"

Hi everyone! I decided to giveaway another item from my personal stash of beauty goods. This time its a brand new Kiss My Face lip gloss! This lip gloss is 100% natural and 91% organic. The color of the gloss is slightly darker and a little more purplish than whats pictured in the image, but […]

Giveaway : Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in "Fruitloose"

I was just thinking back on how I promised a giveaway from my own personal stash of cutesy items some time ago but haven’t yet got around to it which is a huge YIKES! I’m looking forward to sharing some cute things with all my internet buddies so I’m building up a nice selection of […]

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